Demon Dean has the car, unfortunately demon Dean doesn’t care about the car as much as regular Dean, says Jensen. #SDCC #SPN



That’s all. This is, as they say, the darkest timeline. Everywhere else, nay, “everywhen” else — us in the Civil War, us in Ancient Egypt, us in the swinging ’60s — we are happy.

If this theory holds, well, by the law of averages, there had to be one universe — just this one — where we don’t end up together. Here and now just happens to be it. If you think of it this way, nothing is our fault.

Because you could have loved me forever. And maybe in another universe, I let you. (x)

#this is beautiful and tragic #because they were perfect together in the gg universe and we still had shitty chair endgame #Dair #Dan Humphrey #Blair Waldorf #Gossip Girl

@laurabenanti: Wake me up when grown women are allowed to have pubes again.

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icarly meme [1/1 otp]: Sam & Freddie

"Hey, Benson. When your face heals up and you can chew again, let’s you and me grab some dinner, have some fun.”

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