who out there still ships bartie?



I do. Maybe not as much as I did before because I really don’t like what they’re doing to Brittany’s character in Season 3, but they were adorable.

thank you! i thought i was the only 1. i truly loved bartie and i was so upset they broke up. artie deserves a good girlfriend. he had tina brittany and then becky had a crush on him and lets not forget sugar. they need to cast me lol.

Haha. A handful of Bartie shippers still exist! I don’t think we’re particularly vocal about it though because we get bullied and we don’t have that many Bartie moments in canon at the moment.

:D At the moment, it seems like they’re going the Quartie route but it seems like such a cop-out if they’re doing it because Quinn is in a wheelchair too. But I agree, Artie needs some love. I’ll probably ship him the most with season 2 Brittany, but if he finds another good girlfriend, I’ll be happy too. :)


- I’m just gonna assume I’ve just made Tumblr’s first legit Skartie manip.

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