My heart hurts so much right now. I just really wanted Barney and Quinn to have a happy ending.

Quinn: You have one minute before I walk out that door.
Barney: It’s kind of a long story, Quinn. Gonna take a bit longer than a minute.
Quinn: 52 seconds!

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ugh. the only thing giving me hope is that barney will realize he’s wrong and call off the wedding and go back to nora or quinn. i have a feeling i’m going to hate next season. I’ll just go back to a happier time. season 2. 

Barney had so many epic moments with Nora and Quinn. Why is he marrying Robin? IT MAKES NO SENSE.

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#Barney x Quinn

Last night was just not a good night for my ships. Almost every one of my HIMYM and Gossip Girl ships crashed and burned. 

I just want to cry but I can’t so my face is just making random twitches. 

NGL, I thought Barney was going to make an engagement ring appear on Quinn’s hand when he grabbed it.

"Thank God you’re here"

Right in the feels. Please be the wife, Quinn.