[W]henever Finn had to act like a fratboy, Monteith delivered those lines with comic timing, thereby reassuring us that bro behavior was an affectation. These were conscious acting choices that deconstructed the jock character. In Monteith’s portrayal, masculinity was a performance, and a leading man was just a boy pretending to be a man.  x

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…And if we’re meant to be together, we’re going to be together. Whether it’s in a little shoebox apartment in New York, or on the other side of the world…Okay?

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AU: Kurtbastian are “friends” living together in NY. One day Sebastian arrives earlier from college and sees Kurt and Elliott spending time together.

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Whether you are glee fan or not; whether you are a finchel shipper or not

NOTHING, absolutely nothing, will be as heartbreaking, but wonderful as this video is.

I recommend anyone to watch this, fan or not, because this break up was storyline awfully heartbreaking, but acting wise one of the most amazing, touching things I have ever seen.

It was the only, truly mature scene Glee has ever had.

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