I think it’s funny how some Max fans hate Darren and some Darren fans hate Max when they’re friends in real life, he took Max with him when he was singing for the president. The ship war thing is crazy.

Max took Darren out to dinner for his birthday this year, wish things were different in this fandom.

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The Glee Fandom and Bullying


Ever since I got into this fandom I’ve seen the same plaintive question asked over and over again: why is this fandom so horrible? Why are people so cruel to each other over shipping and characters? Why when Glee is a show with such a strong non-bullying message do its fans engage in such rampant bullying? 

And the easy answer is: Glee is not and has never been an anti-bullying show. It SAYS that it is, and has a theme episode about it now and then. But speaking a message in one episode and then proving that message wrong in every other episode teaches your viewers something very different.

If you’re a Rachel-stan then you see her being upset over getting slushied, and some rude comments on YouTube. Anti-bullying, right? No. Because you also see her haranguing everyone around her, insulting her best friends by calling them inconsequential backup singers, proudly pursuing a guy already in a relationship because she thinks she wants him more, tormenting a young exchange student in a life-endangering way, telling anyone with a complaint about her spotlight-hogging that she has it so much worse than them and using that as an excuse to keep on silencing them, and learning absolutely no lessons while still getting crowned prom queen and winning nationals and scoring her dream spot at her dream school.

So do you learn from watching her that bullying is bad? No. You learn that if you scream your opinion out loud enough and long enough then everyone else will get tired of fighting you, and you’ll win. 

If you’re a Kurt-stan you learn the same lesson in a very different way: you see a kid who gets bullied and handles it calmly, simply doing his best day to day. You see a kid who doesn’t scream to make himself the king of the world, and in return he is absolutely kicked and dumped on every chance the show gets. Lesson? You’d better not simply be talented and blow people away at auditions, you’d better also follow them around and call them and harass them until they admit that you’re brilliant. You see a guy who calmly accepts it when he finds out about secret phone calls and chats between his boyfriend and a dude who has expressed plenty of interest in said boyfriend. You see that same guy get accused in turn when he texts a friendly stranger. You see that guy called a cheater in front of all of his friends and serenaded until he feels like absolute shit. What’s the message there? That if you think someone else is wrong then you need to yell in outrage and call them on it publicly, ignoring your own past actions, because otherwise it’s going to be YOU who gets humiliated. 

Finn and Puck never do a mea culpa for their past bullying. You never see Sue get called on her bullying in any consequential way. They are simply considered good guys whenever they decide that they want to be.  Lesson being that you can do whatever you want, because as soon as you’re ready to smile and play nice it’s all forgiven. 

Santana, much as I love her, is one big walking excuse for her own bullying, which teaches us that you can be as cruel as you want if you can give a reason for it (ie: I’m gay and hiding it, or I’m full of nonspecific rage).

Conversely with Dave Karofsky you have a bully who did apologize, who alienated himself from his friends by trying to protect the person he once hurt, who left his old school to get away from who he used to be, and in reaction to that he was found out and bullied in turn. He ends up in the hospital, and his own bullies have no kind of comeuppance. Lesson? The only bully who suffers is the one who apologizes and tries to make amends.

Glee is NOT a show with an anti-bullying message. Glee wants you to love and identify with blind, self-righteous, emotionally abusive people as they do incredibly hurtful things to others. Glee is a show that says, over and over again, that if you bully louder and longer than the other guys, and can justify that bullying with some BS about how special you are, then you win. 

Glee has the exact fandom that it encourages, and that it deserves. 


My daily “You’re a hypocrit” post.

If I look at these side by side, you have shows “TVD” “Twilight” “Revenge” and “Once Upon a Time” Two of them are pretty new shows. All of them have real life couples dating off the show. 

So what is the difference? Only one of those couples is on Glee…the show with the most hypocritical bunch of lunatics around who can take any photo, no matter how it may mirror another and still say the opposite for that couple. Shouting PR to the rooftops while awwing and fawning over the couple with the NEWER shows that would need the PR and never once questioning their happiness. And just so you know, I don’t think any of the pictures above are for PR. 

But this is Glee. And the Glee fandom sucks. This is just my daily reminder that you in fact, Suck.

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it’s literally impossible to insult the glee fandom because no one hates the glee fandom more than the glee fandom





Good. He got the message. 

wtf don’t be rude


you don’t send death threats to someone over a FICTIONAL COUPLE

f i c t i o n a l


“real or not real?”

I can’t believe the top message on this stack. I mean seriously - Grant should not have to deal with this stuff because of crazy shippers.

I’m sorry, but the people who threaten the actors over something their character does are stupid. Grant doesn’t deserve this, nobody deserves this.

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Just saw a load of bartie crap on youtube


Someone commented saying they were their favourite couple..

You fool

Just saw a stupid post in the Bartie tag.

Seriously, can haters just tag their hate with lol Bartie? Bartie shippers obviously won’t check there and you can hate on Bartie to your heart’s content.

"You can’t blame me for anything Snixxx does."

That’s certainly the mentality most of the glee fandom has. -__-